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Shaanxi Kanglai Ecology Agriculture Co., Ltd.is a new-type plant extracts supplier in China which is mainly engaged in the production of natural plant extracts used in health products, medicines, cosmetics and veterinary drugs. At present the company owns the marketing team of more than 20 staffs both at home and abroad and its major products include longspur epimedium extract, glossy ganoderma extract, rhodiola extract, ginseng extract, cordyceps sinensis extract, rhizoma curcumae longae extract, schisandra chinensis extract as well as Chinese traditional medicine extract by rate. The company has successfully built partnerships with customers of such industries as health products, medicine and cosmetics in more than 30 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia, exporting over 60 percent of its total products.Kanglai possesses 4600-square meter high-quality plant bulk drug and extract workshop equipped with so many support equipments including three 6-ton multifunctional extracting tanks, high-efficiency concentrating tower, resin adsorbing column, spray drying tower, which is capable to process more than 6000 tons plant materials annually. The Longlitian R&D and Analysis Inspection Center is equipped with such many top-notch quality inspection instruments as Agilent1260 and Shimadzu LC-15C high performance liquid chromatographs, Agilent7820A gas chromatograph, atomic absorption chromatograph, infrared chromatograph, mass spectrograph, ultraviolet-visible light detector, polarimeter and so on. The precise instruments and talented team are the cornerstone of our company to offer customers best quality products.
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제조업체, 거래 회사
Shannxi, China
주력 제품총 직원
11 - 50 People
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Below US$1 Million
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10,000-30,000 square meters
공장 국가/지역
Dacheng Town,Sanyuan City,China
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OEM Service Offered
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US$50 Million - US$100 Million